Agillic is a leading Customer Marketing SaaS Platform and publicly traded company. Having decided to expand into new foreign markets, Agillic needed to build brand awareness and generate pipeline throughout multiple territories to support its rapid growth.


Challenges Faced

Cutting through the noise in a mature, competitive and crowded market was difficult for Agillic, particularly in new territories where the company lacked presence. The challenge for the Business Development and Marketing team was breaking through to CMOs, Senior Marketing Professionals and generating the required volume of high-quality leads. Existing outbound channels, such as phone, email and LinkedIn, weren’t generating high enough response rates and the number of Sales Accepted Leads was below target.


Agillic started testing direct mail as part of a multi-channel strategy. Good results were achieved but the process was manual and time-consuming.


A Straightforward Solution

Agillic selected Reachdesk to help scale their outbound efforts and event marketing. With a wealth of CRM data, Agillic was able to integrate Reachdesk with its CRM and SalesEngagement tools seamlessly. This allowed Agillic to send personalised 1-1 communications at scale whilst measuring the ROI.


Campaigns that break through

Using Reachdesk, Agillic were able to run numerous different campaigns based on stages of the buyer journey:


Branded business card cookies to follow up from events sponsored by Agillic

Coffee eGift cards sent before a discovery call or demo

Branded desktop Christmas trees with personalised notes as a seasonal campaign

RFP bundles with specific content and perishable gifts sent during the selection process

Sports-related gifts for existing prospects to remain top of mind


“What used to take hours can now be done in minutes using Reachdesk” Lise Luckow, Marketing Director


The Value of Physical Direct Mail

Engagement went through the roof. The outbound sales team was able to connect to key stakeholders at target accounts they had previously spent months trying to get through to.


Response rates across email and phone were 52% higher

Demo and discovery call show rates increased by 21%

Post-event meetings attended increased by 120% compared to the same events sponsored the previous year

Agillic built additional pipeline of £900,000 in the UK market over the course of 6 months

Agillic x Reachdesk

"What used to take hours can now be done in minutes using Reachdesk"

Agillic x Reachdesk
Marketing Director

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