5 Cracking Easter Gifting Ideas for Current Customers

Not sure about you, but I’ve watched every trashy Netflix doc going, completed every online quiz (personal favs include Am I a Psychopath? and What Kind of Cat are you?), and played enough Pictionary on House Party that I’m considering an Open University course for Fine Art.

So if someone sent me a parcel to my doorstep for myself and Gustav, my imaginary cat, to entertain us for just 30 mins, I would be forever in their debt.

And Easter is the perfect excuse for this. The most underappreciated holiday of the year. Less prep than Christmas, an adorable bunny breaking into your garden to hide eggs (at least they’re not breaking and entering into your house like Santa), little lambs bouncing around… And of course, enough chocolate for your already tight skinny jeans to be unwearable for the rest of Q2.

You can still share the Easter love even with clients at home. Either through address verification or via the magic of digital gifting. Here are 5 ideas to get the creative juices flowing.

Easter Eggs

It would be concerning if I didn’t start with this option. The Easter Egg is a classic. You can’t go wrong with this. Brings joy to all ages. However, hollow eggs can break in the post. It happens. So choose eggs that are dense or mini to avoid tears from clients. Top picks of mine are the flat easter egg, the half egg, and tins of mini eggs.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Having kids running around while you’re on conference calls or trying to concentrate = a hopping nightmare. So create easter hunting bundles to keep your customer’s kids entertained allowing them to crack on with their work. Example bundles could include mini foiled eggs to hide in the house or garden, painting egg kits, and a treat for mum and dad.

eGift cards

Digital channel engagement is through the roof right now. eGift cards are the perfect way to send someone an Easter surprise so recipients can treat themselves without having to leave their homes. I’ve really enjoyed sending this campaign out and had fab feedback. Use gift cards such as Not on the High Street in the UK or 1800-Flowers in the US and suggest an item for them to treat themselves to. I also recommend adding in a charitable donation option in case there’s a cause they’d rather donate to this Easter.

Time to Relax

Holidays are a great time to kick back and relax. In the UK, you even get a 4 day weekend. Yippee! Help your customers unwind. Ideas include sending mini cocktail kits to crack in to from Espresso Martini to an Old Fashion. Or distress kits like this Spa Relaxation Kit in the UK and Macy’s Stress and Wellness Kit in the US.

Cupcakes and Brownies

Want an easy, no sourcing needed solution to Easter sharing? Our Marketplace vendors have really pulled out all the stops this year so you don’t have to hunt around for ideas. In the UK, check out Rachael’s Kitchen and Bear Brownies for their fabulous Easter treats. And in the US Baked by Mellisa and Georgetown have an awesome selection of cupcakes. Now available in the Reachdesk platform.

Well, I hope that got you in the Christmas Easter spirit. We’re here to help. So any questions on how to execute physical sending with everyone working from home, best practice for e-Gift carding or anything else about Reachdesk, please don’t hesitate to book a call in my diary.

That’s all yolks. Now beat it!

Jenny Lithgow
Customer Success Manager

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