5 Easy Gift Sends For Cinco de Mayo

Can’t “fiesta” (in-person) with your prospects, customers and co-workers? No problemo! Depending on where you live you may be feeling a bit relieved to be experiencing some warmer temperatures and periods of sunshine. It’s a new month, full of new possibilities and (hopefully) warmer weather. May also means some fun holidays and events. In the past, my colleagues, customers and prospects have celebrated “Cinco de Mayo” together both inside and outside of the office.

Examples have included an inner office Guacamole Making Competition or after-work Margaritas and Tacos. Since that won’t be happening this year, I still wanted to stay connected with my co-workers/prospects. But how? Easy. Send them gifts! I am sending fun e-gifts cards so prospects and customers can treat themselves to some festive treats. Here are my top picks.

1. Skinny Margarita Set via amazon.com

You can pretty much send anything to anyone via Amazon. Who doesn’t love a Margarita? Here's a Margarita set you can send to your prospects.

Now that the sun is starting to shine, this is all you really need to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! What a way to drive demand as a marketer. Arriba Arriba!

2. Lunch via Chipotle

Cinco de Mayo is nacho average holiday. It’s a time to have fun and keep well fed.

If you work in sales treat your prospects to something to keep them well fed on your next sales call.

3. Gourmet Tortillas via amazon.com

Keeping the family entertained while working remotely can be a challenge. In queso you didn’t know, kids love making messy food and filling their faces with it after.

It might be messy to clear up but will keep them entertained while you focus on work.

4. Personalized Margarita Tumbler via reachdesk.com

How are you going to serve your beer or Margarita this Cinco de Mayo? Sometimes things taste better with your name on it.

If you need something to keep that drink cool, a personalized tumbler will do the trick. How about one with your name on it? Now that’s really cool...

5. Personalized Piñata via notonthehighstreet.com

Many of us feel like we’ve had the stuffing knocked out of us recently. Cinco de Mayo wouldn’t be a truly smashing day with a pinata. Right? Send this to someone you know is having a hard time at work. You’ll be a real hit!

Had enough of Tortilla jokes now? From the team here at Reachdesk, we hope you have a Mexcellent Cinco de Mayo. Now, that’s a wrap. Adios!

Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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