5 Ways to Use Gifting to Reduce Webinar Fatigue

Webinar fatigue should come as no surprise. Nearly every B2B conference or event has either been postponed until late 2020 or canceled. The rise of the webinar was an awesome feeling for those who hopped straight onto it back in March earlier this year. It was a solution for Marketing teams to drive top of funnel growth. There’s never been so much amazing content doing the rounds in the form of online events and webinars. However, this presents a challenge for the viewer - where do I spend my valuable time when there’s so much choice? Do I bother showing up to the live version when I know the recorded version will be emailed to me? On the flip side, as businesses, we are faced with a separate challenge. Even if individuals do attend, how do we create business opportunities that turn into revenue?

Rule #1 - Content still needs to be engaging and deliver value. Don’t do a webinar for the sake of doing a webinar. Even good content will only get you so far.

To overcome these challenges, we need to deliver a better experience for viewers. Give them something that removes the feeling of fatigue and creates excitement instead. Here are 5 ways to use gifting to reduce webinar fatigue and increase virtual event engagement.

Send Invites that attract

One of the biggest challenges is actually getting people to show up to your webinar or live event. Particularly the right people. If you want your potential, and existing, customers to feel FOMO, create an experience, and give them something to look forward to. Do something the recorded version won’t give to a viewer. Create excitement and promise something to get them looking forward to your event. Try sending all live attendees something in the post to their homes so they can be part of an immersive experience. Consider organising a virtual champagne breakfast by sending bottles to attendees’ front doors. It’s still possible to reach people at home on their terms as part of your sign-up process.

Gamify to keep viewers engaged

There are so many ways to gamify online events. Zoom polls have taken us as far as they can. Virtual event bingo is a great way to keep viewers engaged. If viewers have to fill out a bingo card based on stats or buzzwords tied to your value proposition you now have the means to create live engagement with a subtle marketing undertone. Viewers can raise their hand when they have Bingo. Platforms like Kahoot allow you to run live competitions with a bit more of a buzz. You might even consider running a Zoom background competition tied to a theme. One of our customers recently ran a virtual pub quiz and sent prizes for each round. Winners can be sent physical prizes to their front door or via eGift card. Post the winners on LinkedIn, with their consent of course, and rinse and repeat for your next webinar. Now you’ve turned JOMO into FOMO.

Gift ideas for winners:

  1. Summer Picnic Hampers
  2. Work From Home Workout Kits
  3. Family Entertainment Packs
  4. Subscription gift cards
  5. Friday evening drinks delivered to you and your team

Reward viewers with live giveaways

Annual conferences and events have turned virtual for the foreseeable future. We no longer get to network over coffee, shake hands and exchange business cards, fill our boots with endless food or take home amazing swag/prize giveaways. Most of this is still possible despite the fact we are immersed in the online event from our temporary home office. It’s important to reward viewers in return for them staying online and giving up their precious time. At the beginning of the event announce there will be a few surprises to give away and that lunch/coffee will be provided. 

A few ideas to replicate for your online event:

  1. Digital swag stand to visit and redeem the swag of your choice using a code
  2. Lunch and breakout sessions where you can exchange virtual business cards in return for lunch or coffee sent via Uber Eats, Starbucks or Just Eat eGift card
  3. Happy hours at the end of the day supplied by a local wine supplier delivered to your front door

Give VIPs a Virtual Experience

Engaging with senior decision-makers and getting VIPs to attend your executive dinners can be a challenge at the best of times. Trying to do so in a digital environment is a tough ask. If you have an ABM programme, VIP experiences are essential to your success. 

  1. Virtual VIP wine tasting
  2. Home Virtual Reality experience
  3. Custom home desk gift box sent after the event
  4. Premium gift card to order home delivery

Follow up and convert

It’s business time. Engaging with attendees who fit within your ICP or target account list can be difficult. Sending the generic automated email follow up after an event doesn’t seem to resonate any more. SDRs and Account Executives are becoming the link between online events and the sales pipeline. The follow up after online events must be personalized and human. 

Post-event follow up send examples:

  1. Goody bag for live attendees. Make it social and get people posting about it
  2. Amazon eGift card as a post-event feedback reward
  3. Enjoy a virtual coffee to enjoy while watching the recording
  4. Pre-discovery/demo call virtual lunch eGift


Webinars and online events are essential parts of our marketing strategy for the foreseeable future. Even if you’ve got the best content and TED talk calibre speakers it’s going to be a challenge to get viewers to turn up, watch the online recording and actually stay online rather than complete today’s crossword. Using gifting and engaging ways to create the tactile experience humans long for could be the difference between Epic and Epic Fail. 

If you’d like to add gifting to create a better virtual event and webinar experience, book some time with us. Every Reachdesk meeting comes with something to keep you fuelled.

Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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