6 Ways To Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

CX is more important today than it ever has been.

Wow. Crazy Scary and Serious couple weeks for all of us. We are all adjusting.

One thing that has not changed is your need to provide a great customer experience. More than ever your customers are relying on your products and solutions and they need to know that you care about them, you care about their success, and your team and your brand wants to build a strong mutually beneficial relationship with them.  

Here are 6 things to do right now if you are a B2B company and want to make a positive impact with your customers and prove to them you care and want to build a long term relationship with them:

1) Let your customers know you care about them

I am not talking about the generic Covid-19 email you all sent out. How about sending on behalf of your customer success managers an Uber Eats voucher to the users they work with and buy them a lunch now that they are working from home? Don't ask for anything in return.  Say - "We are thinking of you and we hope you are well, here's lunch on us." Does that ease your churn concerns?

2) Gather your customer’s new location address

Your customers are likely working from home. Tell them you want to send them something. Have them fill in a web form with where they can get physical mail today. Let them know you won’t store this long term and that you only want it to send them something. When they fill it in trigger an automated physical mailing with a personalized note that says. “We hope you are well and staying safe. Here is a chocolate that we hope brightens your day." Include some information around what companies are doing in your industry today. Send something interesting and educational. Use your creativity and brand voice to make the little gift contextual. Obviously the chocolate is just one of thousands of nice surprises you could use.

3) Reward usage

The users of your products and solutions today are literally gold to your business. Like gold, users are the investment that will hold its value for your business over time and right now when things are tough you should be investing in and rewarding active users. For example if a user starts using functionality that they have never used before, use that as an automatic trigger to send a personalized hand written note to them on behalf of their CSM, that says something like: “I noticed you started using this new feature, Thank you. I have sent to you a couple case studies on how other customers were successful with it and I would love to follow up with you next week to discuss your experience. Oh, and I included one of our new Branded T-Shirts” Once this package is received, automate a trigger for your CSM to follow up.

4) Recognize the Moments that Matter

Your customer’s lifecycle is full of so many moments that matter that either make or break your relationship. Unfortunately, too many companies let these moments slip on by and wonder why it's hard to get the right attendees to enthusiastically join QBRs, grow or renew. And now you can’t even go visit them in person! What do you do? Automate triggers from your CRM or your CS platform. Use a play similar to #3 Reward Usage above and automatically enable your team to scale recognition to reinforce the important moments in your customer’s lifecycle. Think about how you are recognize on-boarding, think about customer certifications, think about when customers add new teams or new users, think about achieving ROI milestones – you get the picture. Recognize them. Automate sending your something physical in the mail. It needs to be contextual and extremely timely to make the biggest impact.

5) Get the welcome back to the office package ready to go

One of these days workers will start heading back into the office. You should be part of welcoming them back. Get your package designed and include valuable content, that educates, is thought leading, and includes something a little fun as a surprise. Get creative. Make it contextual to your product or solution and brand. Put your branding all over it. Personalize it. Make it shareable.  Automate a trigger so the campaign can fire off for each customer when you identify a signal that they are starting to return to their office setting.

6) Grow and Renew -

This is what building a relationship is all about. You demonstrate you care. You provide value. And at the right moments your customer will reward you by expanding their relationship with your company. Don’t leave it to chance.  The one thing your competitor can't replicate is the unique experience, relationship, and trust you engender with your customers.  

Today new technologies are available and cost effective so that you can automate and scale all of these customer experience plays to every customer and every user of your products and services quickly.

At Reachdesk we are helping our customers get these CX pays quickly set up, automated and launched in literally just a few hours.  

We love helping our customers improve the experience for their customers.

Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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