6 Ways To Deliver Exceptional Gifting Experiences Using Marketo Emails

We’ve released a new feature which enables a Reachdesk user to send e-gift cards straight out of their Marketo emails!

This means you will be able to:

  1. Send e-gift cards from your own domain, keeping things clean and consistent.
  2. Use your own Marketo email templates to keep to the same look and feel throughout your communications #BrandingOnFleek. 
  3. Seamlessly insert gifting into any Marketo email, whether the initiative be nurture, ABM, sales-led, or customer and event communications.
  4. Report and review your email performance and Reachdesk send in one place (Marketo).

Not just content with the update, we have put 6 of our favorite use cases to get you going:

1. Event registrants

When someone registers for an event, send event information along with a Reachdesk treat, all in the same email.

2. Event attendees

Post event send a thank you email with a gift card and encourage next action

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3. Content downloads

When someone downloads valuable content, send them a coffee voucher to enjoy alongside.

4. Reward top customers and loyalty

When customers hit milestones that matter - automatically send them a gift card to reward them.

5. Customer Onboarding

When a prospect becomes a customer, trigger a gift send to get the relationship off to a great start!

6. Customer Reviews

When a customer renews/hits a certain milestone, incentivize asking for a review

Hopefully these will inspire you and help get your creative juices flowing! If you have any questions, or would like to see how this could work for you, drop us a line at hello@reachdesk.com

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Carly Stevens
Product Integrations Manager

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