6 Ways to Use Direct Mail and eGifting For HR and People Teams

When we talk about direct mail and eGifting it’s usually in reference to using it externally. BDRs use direct mail to open conversations with prospects, Sales teams use eGifting to increase demo attendance and ABM teams create wonderfully unique bundles to complement their programmes.

Only using direct mail and eGifting across commercial teams, however, would mean that you’re not making the most of this highly effective and impactful channel. HR, People and Talent teams are also able to utilize the power of direct mail and eGifting internally and here are our top 5 use cases to celebrate your employees and drive engagement!

1. Can’t Wait for Your First Day

Onboarding new employees to the team is always an exciting time. Internally, teams are setting up onboarding training calls and meetings, equipment is being prepared for the new hire and the team can’t wait to welcome a new team member. Extend that excitement to your new starter by sending a newbie welcome pack containing branded goodies, such as a water bottle, notebook, pen, t-shirt or hoodie and laptop case. Scheduling to have this sent a few days before they start or automatically as soon as they sign their contract can get them even more excited about their first day!

2. What’s a Birthday Without Cake?

Celebrating your team member’s birthdays is almost a rite of passage. However, as more of us are working remotely and with teams spread across the globe it may not be as easy to grab a cake at lunch and decorate the birthday person’s desk. This is where sending personalized birthday cupcakes, brownies or cookies can still ensure that you’re giving the same birthday experience as normal. Being able to record the team singing “Happy Birthday” out of key on Zoom is just a bonus!

3. Cheers, To Another Year Together

Marking workiversaries is a great way to let your team know that you care and that you’re looking forward to the next 12 months ahead with them. Sending a personalized bottle of champagne or an eGift to create a pair of custom Nikes from NikeID can go down really well.

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4. I Like To Party, Everybody Does

Work parties and team night outs are something that were par for the course pre-covid. With some offices opening up and others staying closed, direct mail and eGifting can help give your team the full experience if they’re remote or add a touch of team spirit. For in person events, a bundle with a disposable camera, some pre-mixed drinks and branded party SWAG will ensure your team will be excited for the night and have some memorable moments captured.

5. Lunch, I’m Buyin’

Especially for remote workers lunch times can often be a bit dull. You may be missing your favorite burrito place or sitting next to your work bestie. A cup of ramen and Netflix doesn’t have the same impact. Why not organize a team lunch and send an UberEats eGift? Set up a Zoom call and everyone can tuck into something they love and catch up together.

6. Fuel The Interview

Not only are you interviewing candidates but candidates are interviewing you! Interviewing can be extremely time-consuming and stressful. Providing an eGift for some brain food as candidates prepare for interviews is a great way to demonstrate appreciation for your candidates and leave them with a great taste for your company. If it doesn’t work out with a candidate? Thank them with an eGift for investing their time in you and your company. Even if they aren’t the right fit for the opening right now, doesn’t mean they won’t be in the future! 

The most important part of any business is it’s people and hopefully you have a few new ideas on how to look after yours that little bit more! If this has inspired you to see how else you can use direct mail and eGifting to look after your teams, drop us a line at hello@reachdesk.com

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Mary Eagan
Head of Talent

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