7 Direct Mail & E-Gifting Campaigns for a Strong Finish to 2020

As we’re just over halfway to the finish line of 2020, things are slowly coming back into routine and new changes are becoming the norm. Most businesses took a hit in normal trade during Q1 and Q2, this year.

You can’t meet prospects for coffee, you can’t dazzle partners and clients with your in person presentation skills and you can’t get your team in a room for an energizing stand-up.However, direct mail and gifting can be used to open doors, delight clients and reward your teams so that the challenges experienced in the first half of 2020 aren’t as prevalent in the second half. 

Not sure on how? Have no fear! Here are some direct mail and gifting campaign ideas already brainstormed for you to connect with your team and prospects over the next 4 months to help break through to and keep customers engaged:

1. Gift Card Campaign – Fear of Missing out (Streaming Services Edition)

Streaming Services have taken over how we watch TV. People can go on for hours talking about shows and characters they love (we’re still not over about Breaking Bad). Send a gift card to your prospects with some watching recommendations, not only to ensure they don’t miss out on the opportunity of discussing the most talked-about show but also the chance to discuss what you’re selling!

Suggested Streaming Service Gift Cards:

Sky Store


Sling TV

2. Spice Up Your Marketing – Hot One’s Gift Set

Spice up your prospects’ life by sending samples of hot sauces from the show Hot Ones! A great gift for your foodie prospects who love nothing more than making a mockery of the Scoville scale. Be sure to send over your favourite Hot One’s episode too so that you and your prospect have more to chat on.


3. Night at The Emmys Bundle

In the US, The Emmys are coming up on September 20 so remind your audience that they are a star as well. Send them a winning trophy, a rating board for the actors’ outfits, and snacks to munch on while watching the nominations.

4. Let’s do Brunch!

Nothing beats a motivating All Hands to deliver a strong finish to the year. Change your afternoon Friday All Hands to a virtual morning All Hands brunch! Everyone can have the same meal by creating a bundle with a Mini waffle maker, maple syrup, waffle mix, and a mimosa glass. It helps start everyone’s day right with a full stomach of yummy breakfast and listening to great updates about the company. Any morning that starts with maple syrup is already 10x better!

5.  National *enter niche* Day

Everyone expects gifts at Christmas. Nobody expects deliveries during more niche holidays. Some alternatives include filet mignon, prosecco, sock, and even flashlight day. Every day is a national holiday, so send out gift cards from Flemings Steakhouse or Nordstrom Rack that help relate to holiday to spring up a conversation. This is a great campaign for a conversation starter or ice breaker. With there being over 300 different days in honor of food alone, the possibilities are endless.

6. Chopped Night

Have a webinar Chopped theme night with your team! Send over the iconic Chopped basket with a physical grocery gift card and everyone is assigned to a different list of ingredients to buy. The night will have the fun of the ingredient reveals as well as bonding by having your team create their meals. As dinner is cooking, take the time to talk about product updates, timelines, the company’s future, etc. End the night by crowning the best cook in the team!

7. Work It! Campaign

Gyms are slowly opening back up and people are finding their way back to working out. Send them a gift card at a sports retail to give them a chance to buy new workout outfits and equipment to help them get back in the groove. Sports Gift Cards from: Nike, Under Armour, Dicks Sporting Goods, Adidas, Foot Locker & Athleta are a great way for people to restock because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t been wearing their gym sweats at home the last few months?

Hopefully these 7 ideas will help get your creative juices flowing and of course we didn’t even touch on the big-hitters of Fall and early Winter, we’re looking at you Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for more ideas or to speak on all things Reachdesk get in touch at hello@reachdesk.com

Jenny Lithgow
Customer Success Manager

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