72 Budget-Friendly Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for 2019

Alex Olley
Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Head of Revenue and Marketing
August 1, 2019

It's that time of year again. Companies are already thinking about how they can surprise and delight their existing customers, strategic partners, prospects they're already talking to and accounts they want to win in 2020. Gone are the days of sending a standard hamper or Christmas card as it has been done to death. It's time to show you care and make the recipient feel valued so you can build a relationship with them. They might even give you the attention you deserve for making the effort...

Here are 72 holiday gift ideas to get your customers and partners raving about you without having to break the bank...

Novelty Gifts

1. Grow Your Own Christmas Tree in a Pot

2. Novelty Christmas Jumper

3. College/University Alma Mater Hoodie

4. Branded Gym Bag

5. Sports Team Jersey

6. Mini Christmas Tree in a Box

7. Experience Day Gift Voucher

8. Reindeer Piñata

9. Branded Christmas Socks

10. Game of Thrones "Winter Is Coming" Novelty Mug

11. Musical Christmas Cards

12. Customised Branded Baubles

13. Christmas Shirt

14. Make Your Own Beef Jerky

15. Christmas Baby Grow for New Parents

16. Bluetooth Speaker

17. Multi-Charge Power Bank

18. 2020 Luxury Planner

19. Personalised Sweet Jar

20. Marshmallow Toasting Kit

21. Chocolate Brussels Sprouts

22. Christmas Family Game Pack

Gifts For the Office

23. Table Top Air Hockey

24. Bonzai Tree

25. Mini Cactus

26. Desktop Garden

27. Lava Lamp

28. Massage at Work

29. Corporate Chocolate Advent Calendar

30. Branded Santa Bobblehead

31. Desktop Basketball Hoop

32. Branded Alexa

33. Post-Christmas Party 'pick-me-up' Set

34. Personalised Desktop Organiser

35. Motivational Business Book


36. Personalised Gin Bottle

37. Whiskey Glasses

38. Spreadable Whiskey

39. Mini Beer Keg

40. Personalised Prosecco

41. Wine and Cheese Hampers

42. Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies

43. Cocktail Dippers

44. Eggnog

45. Custom Beer Box


46. Chocolate Santas

47. Christmas Donuts

48. Hotel Chocolat Bomb

49. Luxury Mince Pies

50. Selection of Jams and Conserves

51. Mini Christmas Cake

52. T2 Tea Gifts

53. Edible Fragrance

54. Festive Tea Set

55. Christmas Biscuits

56. Custom Gingerbread Men

57. Luxury Macaroons

58. Hotel Chocolat

Subscription Gifts

59. Try The World

60. Gousto

61. Barkbox

62. Graze

63. Macaron of the Month

64. 6 Months of Netflix

65. Spotify Subscription

66. Beer52

67. Birchbox

68. Magazine Subscription

Company Stash Boxes

69. Winter Travel Survival Kit - pack it with hand warmer, sweets, earmuffs, travel socks, thermos and a bestselling book

70. Christmas Film Bumper Pack - throw in a film subscription, popcorn, winter socks and blanket

71. Branded Swag Boxes - stuff anything from hats, scarves, gloves and gilets to notepads, pens and diaries

72. Giant Christmas Crackers Full of Goodies - make it snow with branded snow domes, candy canes, tree decorations and holiday gloves

73. Festive Stocking - fill it with chocolate coins, fruit, tickets to your next event, mini bottles of champagne and mince pies

Too much choice?

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