Direct Mail 2.0: Is Snail Mail Taking the Lead?

The rise of digital has made it easier for marketers to target desired audiences with the right message at the right time using a range of advanced technologies. Whilst it's easier to communicate across multiple channels, it's harder for B2B marketers to get their message to cut through, in a world where there are more suppliers competing for the same audiences and share of wallet.

Given the average consumer receives more than 2,900 marketing messages a day, choosing the right channel to communicate with people effectively has never been more important. One channel is having a real comeback to help sales and marketing professionals break through, creating a lasting impression; and it's had a bit of a makeover.

Direct Mail 2.0 - What's Changed?

20-30 years ago direct mail was sent en masse as a standalone campaign using a one-size-fits-all approach. Very few marketers had the staff, let alone the tools to run personalised campaigns that targeted the right audience. This left desks cluttered with generic content that was swiftly sent to the bin. Just like certain dating apps, undesired emails can be sent to the electronic trash with a simple swipe on a mobile screen, particularly if it isn't well presented or is a bad match.

Direct mail presents marketers with the opportunity to differentiate their brand. By arriving directly in the physical mailbox of a prospect, customers will be presented with an item they must actively engage with, unlike an email that can be automatically filtered from a digital inbox straight into a spam folder.

Targeting customers on a 1:1 level increases response rates up to 50% or more (DMA)

What's really changed is the means by which B2B organisations can send anything, to anyone, anywhere, using their existing tech stack. Consider it Direct Mail 2.0: a new spin on a tried and tested concept that surprises and delights. Direct Mail 2.0 is about physical direct mail marketing to a customer in the moments that matter, whilst unloading marketers with the labour intensive and manual load it previously took to execute and measure such campaigns.

Messages are Getting Lost in the Noise

Considering the 23 billion text messages and nearly 300 billion emails that are sent every day, the less personal a message seems, the more likely it‘s going to be ignored. So how does one break through the digital noise in a personal, unique way without spending a fortune? Direct mail is re-emerging as one of the strongest methods for personalised customer engagement. JICMAIL data shows that 94% of physical mail is engaged with in some way.

31% of all addressed advertising mail leads to a commercial action such as visiting a sender’s website or making a purchase (JICMAIL)

In a world where the buyer holds the power, it has become essential to personalise communications and build a relationship with customers. No longer relegated to mass produced carbon copies of identically bland documents, the modern incarnation of direct mail can engage audiences using hyper personalisation techniques that deliver results.

Blazing a Path Back to the Future

Custom correspondence etched in ink directly addressing its recipient demonstrates a greater level of care and thoughtfulness. Executing at scale without losing efficiency and a personal touch has been hard, until now. Direct mail has evolved to take advantage of digital tools so you can include it within your multi-channel mix.

Direct mail’s response rates are 10 to 30 times higher than that of digital channels (DMA)

Even though direct mail is an analog form of communication, its effectiveness can still be measured through simple and unobtrusive tracking methods. Now marketers and salespeople can send direct mail and gifts straight from their existing technology platforms as part of a multi-channel strategy using simple integrations.

One-off custom gifts with hyper personalised messaging and a clear CTA can be sent from an SDR's Sales Engagement Platform. Relevant content can be sent by marketers to multiple segmented audiences in one click of a button from within a Marketing Automation platform. CRM systems can now trigger welcome gifts for new customers once they are logged as "Closed Won". What's more, everything can be tracked and measured in real-time so ROI can be shown to the powers that be. This is a serious departure from the traditional batch and blast campaigns that used to be dictated by the board.

You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Now that Direct Mail and has re emerged as one of the top performing channels for B2B sales and marketing professionals, the challenge is no longer whether to send; it's what to send. Reachdesk allows you to integrate your CRM, Marketing Automation and Sales Engagement platform in seconds, as well as scaling and tracking your direct mail and gifting campaigns with ease. Get in touch and we'll help you deliver the campaigns that will address your business issue and help you keep ahead of the game.

Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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