Five Physical Plays To Combat Digital Fatigue In 2021.

Digital Fatigue has set in. Here's how to address it.

Zoom Calls, Online Webinars, Virtual Expo Stands. 2020 was awash with all of us trying to bring more of our interactions online but for many of us, we’re missing a real physical touchpoint and experience- luckily there are ways to overcome this even if many of us are working from home.

"72% of B2B tech marketers feel they have experienced fatigue since the outbreak of Covid” - Finite & 93x B2B Marketing Trends 20/21

“Nearly 65% of B2B marketers claim digital events will still be part of their strategy even if physical events return in 2021” -Finite & 93x B2B Marketing Trends 20/21

Digital fatigue is here, it’s real and it’s something we are all suffering from. The way we work has changed, sitting alone in spare bedrooms or at the kitchen table is just the way it is now. Gone are the days of a quick brainstorm in a breakout room, a brisk walk with a colleague to talk through next year's strategy or a sneaky coffee break to moan about the person who always leaves the milk out. 

It’s not just the B2B Conferences that have gone digital, it’s every single interaction we all have. Zoom, Google Hangouts, Slack, Microsoft Teams.. We’ve never spent so much time staring into a tiny dot at the top of the laptop. So, what does this all mean for B2B Marketers? It’s led to all B2B Marketing teams investing, and relying on digital channels. With everyone staring at a screen all day it’s obvious that's where the focus should be... ‘Pay-per-click, Social, Email, Webinars, Website, SEO…’. But these channels have become saturated, less effective. 

How to overcome these challenges

We need to get creative and bring back a unique, engaging experience for our buyers. We need to create experiences that break up their day, that get them away from their screens and create a moment they won’t forget. 

Here are 5 plays to combat digital fatigue and drive engagement in key target accounts. 

  1. The Sweet Deal

The decision making unit is only getting larger. This means there’s more people to keep engaged which can be a real challenge with everyone working remotely. Sending some delicious chocolate brownies to each person in the decision making unit with a personalised, hand written note is a great way to stay top of mind, create internal noise and enable & reward your champions. Who doesn’t love brownies?!

  1. The Brand Awareness Bundle

With everyone creating digital content there’s only so many white papers / E-books buyers have the bandwidth for. You could send a physical copy of your latest white paper in a branded box with some other goodies to elevate the experience. How about a sustainable coffee cup with premium coffee and a handwritten note. “Take ten minutes out of your day, put your feet up and enjoy a warm cup of coffee whilst reading about XYZ”. You could even include a QR code for them to book a meeting to learn more, combining digital and physical channels. ...

  1. E-gift Book Drop

This is all about giving someone the opportunity to take some time away and get into a good book. We have been sending Amazon vouchers to key prospects with a link to a physical book we think they might find interesting. What book you send is all about how well you know your prospect, what are their hobbies? What do they like out of work? What current events would they be interested in? Below are some recent examples of books that have been well received recently.. 

  • For the marketer - The Practice, Seth Godin
  • For the running enthusiast - Running the World, Nick Butter
  • For the inspiring leaders - The Truths we Hold, Kamala Harris
  • For the foodies - Simple, Yotam Ottolenghi
  • For the sales reps - Never Split The Difference, Chriss Voss

  1. Stay at Home Sommelier 

We are missing the B2B Conference world, the human interaction, the networking. With all of these events being virtual it’s vital to deliver a unique experience for your attendees. To recreate VIP Round table networking sessions, you could send out a wine tasting kit to a targeted audience and have a sommelier join the call to facilitate a networking session. This will be something to remember and be a great topic of conversation in the future, as long as you don’t over do it on the Malbec.

  1. There’s Always a Reason to Celebrate..

Understanding what’s going on in your target key accounts world is vital and there will always be something relevant you can engage with them about. We believe that there’s always a reason to celebrate. Key prospect job promotion, funding round, product launch, online event held, expanding teams.. The list is endless... Sending a personalised bottle of something special with their logo, name or even face on it is an incredible way to keep your company top of mind. 

So, to wrap it up. Digital fatigue is here, and it’s here to stay. You’ve got to assume that everyone else has their digital strategy nailed by now so it’s time to get creative. It’s time to do something remarkable that your key target accounts won’t forget. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how this channel can help you combat digital fatigue check out our 50 Direct Mail & Gifting Ideas for Q1 2021 or get in touch with the team here.

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Craig Foster

Business Development Representative

Craig Foster
Business Development Rep

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