How ABX Takes Your ABM Programs Global

Over the past 12 months digital fatigue has set in hard for many. The volume of emails has increased significantly, traditional webinars have lost their effect and physical events are still a hopeful marketing channel sighted far away in the distance. The itch for a human connection needed to be scratched. Enter ABM.

Account Based Marketing for businesses to move from a “spray and pray” approach to marketing to a “zero waste” precise method of engaging with customers. It encouraged businesses to offer personalized journeys for their buyers and seemed to be the right fit but there was one issue - global scalability. ABM programs rely heavily on you having the best tools to hand to conquer all the markets that your business needs.

Which led to significant growth of tools that can help organizations achieve this goal. Among others, Reachdesk was ranked #5 by G2 in March 21 (read all about that on G2 as well here!)

As well as being committed to ABM we’re also looking beyond that and want to ensure that we’re helping brands with their Account Based Experiences (ABX). It was our mission to ensure that, to the best of our ability, your customers in other countries have the same experience as those on home soil. Don’t just take our word for it. Reachdesk is the only truly global direct mail and gifting vendor rated as an Industry Leader in Account Based Execution Software by G2 (see here ).

As it's G2 custom, they also give out a ton of badges for different criteria. That helps interested stakeholder and potential buyers understand the strengths of each vendor better. If there would only be a "Best international coverage" badge!

So if you need to cut through the noise and end digital fatigue for your prospects from the US to Singapore get in touch to see how Reachdesk could help.

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Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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