How BDR's Can Nail Social Selling

The past couple of weeks I have tried to follow BDR’s that have a strong social presence and try new ways to cut through the noise. Being social is fun, positions you as trustworthy, knowledgeable and gives you a personality. I truly believe having a social presence is something every BDR should try to achieve.

I want to share with you all some creative ideas/ tools to help stand out on LinkedIn and other social platforms.

1. Don’t just shout about your product

People buy from people. Sell yourself, it’s called “social” selling. Become an expert in your field and people will trust you. What you put out on social media should make others feel confident in buying from you. Offering advice that helps them with all aspects of their job not just what your product can solve will make them way more likely to engage.

2. Jib Jab / Drift

Create fun videos using your team or prospects faces to get attention. This works really well for seasonal periods like Christmas or Halloween. You can also use Drift Video to talk to people when they click on your video

3. Plan your content

Taking some time on a Sunday to plan what content will appear each day of the week helps to structure your time and post consistently. It also means that you're not rushing to find content when you could be selling.

4. Know your buyers

Understand what content your buyers want to see. If my buyers are marketers, I am going to share creative ways they can generate leads, complement their ABM strategy or offer advice on how to nail an event.

5. Send a gift

B2C methods are now being used in the B2B world. Sending a gift with a personalised note can often mean your prospect will share this on social media. This connects your name and company with others in their network.

6. Get tagging

If you’ve got something to say, share it with people that will be interested in it. Tagging others in posts can help you get the reach you deserve.

7. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Add your prospects to a lead tracker in Sales Navigator and engage with their posts. Liking is simply not enough, add value and comment!

Follow your accounts and read news stories, job changes, promotions to engage for the moments that matter.

8. Relate to your work life to personal life experiences

Telling stories and sharing something about yourself makes you appear human. Celebrate the moments in your personal life, share previous experiences, be proud of where you have come from and where you are going.

9. Don’t add people for the sake of it

LinkedIn is a tool that can be really helpful when it isn’t too cluttered. Keeping contacts within your industry of interest can mean that you pick up on information that is really helpful. It can be distracting when your feed is filled with irrelevant information – keep that to Facebook!

10. Keep it positive across all platforms

Make use of channels such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. As more B2C concepts appear in the B2B space it’s not uncommon for people to book meetings on channels other than LinkedIn. Just make sure you maintain a positive.

I’d love to hear some other ideas that could help me, so please comment and get in touch if you have any!

Feel free to schedule in some time here if you’d like to discuss how you can improve your social selling, Direct Mail efforts or multi-channel strategies!

Ben Smith
BDR Team Lead

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