HR Gift Sends For Employees Working From Home

Moving office has become a lot easier since companies like WeWork became a thing. Your employees could grab their laptop, hop into a new office down the road and sip the free coffee and beer without having to lift a finger. Recently, many of us have had to up sticks and hop into temporary offices - in our homes! Unlike WeWork though, home internet can be dodgy, there’s no barista to make flat whites on demand and the kitchen table isn’t always up for grabs as a perfect spot to work from. Not to mention the screaming kids, overly chatty flatmates and condescending parents (Mum, I'm 31 !!!!).

If you work in HR right now, you’ve got your work cut out. Your employees need you. The world is readjusting to working from home and in need of those magical moments to make their day. Here are some gift ideas to keep your employees motivated and healthy, both in body and mind.

1. Home Is Where The Heart Is - Desk Gifts

Some of us love to work from home. Many don’t. Almost nobody wants to perch on their sofa for months trying to do their job which usually involves meeting rooms, cafeterias and your own desk. First thing’s first. Get your team set up nicely so they can stay productive and happy.

The essentials:

Foldable desk - a desk that folds so it can be tucked away

Desktop plant - nice little cactus in a pot with your company logo on

Second PC screen - boosts our productivity

Desk lamp - doing Zoom calls in the dark is off-putting for those on the other end

Mobile phone bean bag - yes, it is essential. Ok maybe not but a little bean bag for your most prized possession. Cmon!

Motivational books - don't send the 4-hour work week or it will backfire

2. Tumble Out Of Bed - Sending Food

"And Stumble To The Kitchen". If you know your Dolly Parton, what we do next is pour ourselves a cup of ambition. When we aren’t in the office with our colleagues, drive and ambition can reach an all time low. Particularly after a few weeks of being cooped up in the same place with limited human contact. Ambition keeps itself warmer and sweeter for longer during Zoom calls if kept in a company branded thermos cup...

Suggested grub:

Takeaway - Uber Eats/Just Eat/Dominos usually work a treat

Branded coffee packs - we all need some caffeine to keep us going

Brownies - say no more

Supermarket eGift card - let them do the online order if you like

Easter Eggs - send the symbol of a fresh start in the form of an Easter Egg

Healthy Snack Boxes - keep our bodies healthy and minds fuelled

3. Let’s Get Physical! - Workout Presents

Ok. So you’ve got yourself set up nicely and the morning session is done. Now it’s time for a break. The Joe Wicks living room workout has become an overnight sensation. Jane Fonda has some real classics. Whatever you choose to recommend, keeping your employees fit and healthy will help them stay productive and motivated. Not everyone can head outside easily so indoor workouts appear to be the focus.

Living room sport accessories:

Skipping ropes - it's not just for playgrounds. This is how Rocky Balboa got so fit

Ab rollers - replace the 6 pack of beer for a six pack of your own

Group online exercise class - nothing better than a paid for team exercise class

Sports Drinks - get some electrolytes in you

Gym ball - doubles up as a desk chair when not being used for balancing

Sport store eGift card - let them decide what they need and let them do the ordering

4. Peace of mind - Meditation and Zen Prezzies

Having difficult conversations with colleagues over the phone or via video call can make the mind boggle. Stress levels and our employees’ mental health always needs to be considered. Keep calm and carry on only lasts the first few days. Make sure your team takes the time to decompress.

Gifts to stay mindful:

Bonzai tree - plant one and watch it grow

Yoga mat - we all need some "Ohmmm"

Streaming subscription - time for that peaceful piano playlist

Meditation Pillow - these can send you to sleep

Herbal tea - fruity cleansing goodness in a bag

5. Indulge - Employee Rewards

WeWork beer taps might no longer be available and the local grocery store might also have been raided by stockpilers leaving nothing to drink at the end of the week. Host an online happy hour at the end of the week by buying the team a round. Reward employees for their hard work. Keep up your employee of the month reward.

Make employees feel good with:

Uber Eats beer and wine delivery - useful for the Friday drinks session

Pizza Delivery eGifts - mine's a simple pepperoni

Personalized wine coolers - who doesn't want one with their name on it?

Shopping vouchers - upgrade the wardrobe with some new threads

Experience days - something to look forward to

Alcoholic gummies - sugary goodness with a punch

How are you going to do this?

You can either surprise and delight your employees by posting gifts to their homes or give them a choice by sending them a variety of eGift cards. All of this can be done via the Reachdesk sending platform in a few clicks of a button.

Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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