Introducing Reachdesk

Alex Olley
Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Head of Revenue and Marketing
July 18, 2019

We never formally introduced ourselves. How rude!

Reachdesk was started in 2018 by a group of marketers, sales professionals and software engineers who were frustrated by the way things were done. We observed the same uninspiring methods being used when communicating with prospects, rewarding existing customers and attempting to make clients feel special. Phone, email and LinkedIn are still essential channels of communication but many agree that they've had their day. Because of this, people are turning to the age old channel that is almost guaranteed to land your message right in front of the person you are trying to reach: physical direct mail.

For those out there who already use direct mail and gifting as part of a multi-channel strategy, you'll know how successful it can be as a sales and marketing effort. You'll also know how painful it is to implement. We're looking to address that (pun clearly intended). Using a combination of integrations, a carefully designed SaaS platform, and our network of warehouses and fulfilment teams around the world, Reachdesk allows you to send the packages and gifts that will make the difference to your customers - straight from your CRM.

It's not just about a new piece of kit, however. We're on a mission to help sales, marketing, customer success, account management, HR and recruitment professionals find new ways to engage with prospects and customers using direct mail and gifting in a way that will make the recipient smile and feel as though they're being treated like a human again. At the same time you can rely on us to do the heavy lifting, leaving you to focus on the tasks that matter (unless you really like hand writing 100 notes or standing in line at the post office holding dozens of parcels on your lunch break).

This blog will hopefully be your source of inspiration for discovering new ways to break through to people in the moments that matter. We'll keep you posted...

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