Reachdesk is Officially One of The Best Places to Work in New York!

The holiday season might be over, but we haven’t finished celebrating here at Reachdesk.

Moving into the new year, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve been recognized by Built In as one of the best places to work in New York as part of their 2022 Best Places to Work awards!

How Does it Feel to be One of the Best Places to Work in New York?

Proud doesn’t even begin to cover it.

The last twelve months have been pretty spectacular for Reachdesk, with huge growth, new funding, and an expanding team taking us on an incredible journey. So, being acknowledged in both the ‘NYC Best Places To Work’ and ‘NYC Best Midsize Places to Work For’ categories by Built In really reinforces the brilliant work that our team has put into creating a dynamic culture and delivering moments that matter to our customers.

To place on the list, companies are judged based on multiple criteria, including the remote and flexible work opportunities offered, programs for diversity, equality and inclusion, and people-first cultural offerings. To gain recognition for our company spirit amongst New York’s finest companies, from startups to large enterprises, is simply incredible!

Reachdesk would be nothing without our exceptional team of people, so the biggest thank you goes to them.

“The path to success is in hiring others that are better than you. We want to provide the best environment for our people, so that we can attract the best people. So, when interviewing ask yourself "Can I learn from this person?" This is how we’ve built such an exceptional team at Reachdesk.”

Alex Olley, Reachdesk’s CRO and co-founder

What Does a Good Place to Work Look Like to Us?

To build a remarkable place to work, we believe that a company should be guided by a shared vision, as well as a set of core values that bring the team together.

Our vision at Reachdesk is that every business we work with is loved by their customers, employees, and the planet. Our mission is to empower B2B companies to deliver moments that matter at scale through the power of data-driven, personalized gifting. Guided by this vision and our mission, our team strives to build lasting personal relationships and create meaningful moments that cut through the noise in today's business world.

Our core values are:

1. Deliver Happiness

Our purpose is to do everything to enhance the happiness of others. We create moments that matter for our customers and employees.

2. Win as a Team

We are one team on the same ride. We celebrate each other’s wins, embrace our differences, and support one another through it all.

3. Be Bold, Learn Fast, Get Things Done

We strive for excellence, but we don't let that slow us down. We challenge ourselves daily to grow, learn from our mistakes and never give up. We seek and appreciate feedback and act on it.

“We create an environment where people feel respected and supported in their growth so that everyone can make an impact no matter their role, seniority, or tenure.”

Chelsea Williams, Director of People Ops at Reachdesk

4. Treat People Like People

We treat people with trust, honesty, respect, and transparency. We deeply value our internal and external relationships. We know and appreciate there is a person on the other side of our interactions.

“We operate on a belief that we must recognize, celebrate, and support the whole person, not just the side of them that we see at work. Our investments in our people go beyond office perks.”

Chelsea Williams, Director of People Ops at Reachdesk

What Kind of Culture Are We Building at Reachdesk? 

As a global company with offices around the world, culture is paramount to what we do at Reachdesk - it’s what keeps us connected and aligned as a team.

When asked why company culture was important to him as a CEO, Reachdesk’s Temy Mancusi-Ungaro had this to say:

“Culture and mission are what bind us together on this journey and what differentiates us from every other company out there. We are building a big company but what matters most is how we do it and enjoying the journey.”

We believe that investing in our people and their growth is how we accomplish our goal to be the best corporate gifting and direct mail tool out there. So, we celebrate our successes as a team, share our mistakes openly and live for transparency, honesty, and feedback.

How do we Invest in Our People?

Although company perks are important, they don’t tell the whole story at Reachdesk. Yes, we have great benefits and tons of flexibility, but we also believe that true investment means helping our employees to build their careers.

Every employee creates a personal development plan (PDP) to map out their career aspirations at Reachdesk and beyond. They work with their managers to build actionable steps to reach these goals. We also keep our employee-to-manager ratios low, so managers have time to invest in their people.

Because we always want our team to be growing as individuals, we offer management training and stipends to spend on learning and development opportunities outside the office. We also offer opportunities for continual advancement within the company and believe in an academy model where people can enter the company with little experience and get on-the-job training to advance up the ranks and build the career they want.

Onwards and Upwards

2021 was a huge year for us, and 2022 promises to be even better.

As we continue to grow our team and go from strength to strength as an organization, we’re always looking for new talent. Head over to our careers page to see the openings we have - there’s a seat for you on our rocketship! 🚀

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Content Marketing Executive

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