Reachdesk's Address Confirmation Has Arrived!

Jenny Lithgow
Jenny Lithgow
Customer Success Manager
April 15, 2020

You're probably working from home right now. So are all of your customers and prospects. Even your colleagues and employees. The number of webinars are at an all time high so the level of digital noise is even higher than before. And it was already noisy enough!

We decided to push this product release so you can reach customers, prospects and colleagues at home in a human and personalized way.

Wahoo! Reachdesk users can now send gifts and direct mail to recipients without knowing the address. Dreamy.

How Does It Work?

This works just like a normal send, but now you can check "Ask Recipient to Confirm Address" and set when you want the link to expire.

The Recipient will then be sent an email to enter, confirm, or change address...

This email contains a link to a landing page where the recipient can submit their address. Reachdesk will take care of the rest. If they are working from home they can select this option and Reachdesk will send their gift or package to their selected destination to avoid any upsets.

With Reachdesk you can really send anyone, anything, anywhere. Now that's pretty cool. Right?

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