Summer Treats to Keep Your Sales Pipeline from Going on Holiday

While it might feel like this year is never ending, we have some good news: we’ve just hit the halfway point and that means it’s time for summer holidays. The bad news is that the warmer months can be a bit of a nightmare for your sales pipeline. But there is a way to prevent your pipeline from stalling totally.

Here are six ways that gifting can help you stand out for the right reasons and keep the conversation going.

1. A Back-to-the-Office Kit

There’s a new feeling in the air this summer as people start to consider going back to the office for the first time in over a year. If that’s you, then you may understand the combination of excitement and trepidation people are experiencing.

Rather than ignoring this fact, we recommend leaning into it. After all, there’s no denying that the world (and those of us living in it) are all feeling a little bit changed. 

So why not have a little care package that says “The past year has been insane, here are some things to help you feel better about being out in the world”. Consider something that will make someone go “Thank goodness for them!”

Branded items like hand sanitizers, hand wipes or even new office supplies (new notebook, anybody?) can work wonders! 

Think more subtle if you’re going for a face mask and keep your branding as low key as possible. 

As a final super treat, cast your mind to the anxiety we’re all feeling at having to press crossing lights, train buttons and lift buttons. A no-touch tool in your company colours so they never have to press a button with their fingers again!

2. Food on the Go

Never underestimate the good mood that iced coffee can put people in.

One of our mantras around here is that corporate gifting doesn’t have to have a huge price tag in order to make a huge impact. It’s hard to go wrong with something that says “we’re thinking about you at this moment” – and it can go a long way to help people think of you in positive ways.

Bonus: include a reusable straw. We understand that paper straws will help us save the planet (and we’re all about that at Reachdesk), but they can get a bit limp.

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3. Quench That Thirst 

Some of us are seeing going back to the office as a chance to start again. Think about it like a New Year’s reset – we all promise we’re going to drink more water, walk at lunchtime and be more mindful. Show that you support your potential clients with a helping hand! 

Love Island is back on TV and who doesn’t love something topical and personalized? Consider sending them a personalized water bottle and a note that asks if you’re their type on paper. (Don’t be afraid to lean into pop culture – it’s 2021 and we’ve been through a pandemic. People want the human touch!)

If you’re wanting to push it a little further, consider a travel cup or cold travel cup that they can reuse. It shows you care about the environment as well as being a repeated reminder that you’re there every time they take a sip.

4. Prickly Heat

Those of us in New York can agree that August gets a bit hot to say the least. Why not think about sending a little cactus fan with a note that says…

Or, if you want something a bit less on the nose, consider a mini cactus to say “Sorry the weather’s hot, but a desert-friend reminder you can still thrive in the heat!”

Just as importantly, take a quick look at the weather for the office your client is based in. Just because it’s sweltering in London doesn’t mean the sun is necessarily shining in Leeds – in that case, you might want to consider an umbrella!

5. Mindful Moments

Joking aside, what ISN’T funny is how uncertainty and anxiety is plaguing people at the thought of being back out in the world. Here’s where a gift membership to Calm, Headspace or another meditation or mindfulness app could go a long way to giving people the reminder to take a deep breath.

As the first week of August is when people are expected to be back in the office full-time, think about sending a voucher for Deliveroo/Just Eat/Uber Eats to help them celebrate their first week back and make them feel special!

6. Team Efforts

Showing you care about the company or office as a whole (rather than just one person there) is a great way to highlight why you’re a company everyone will want to work with. 

Here’s where you can go tried and tested or think a little bit out of the box. Cupcakes are tried and tested but they work for a reason – most people love cupcakes or donuts. Baked goods never go out of style!

If you know people are back in the office and that the weather is going to be 🔥🔥🔥, then why not ship a box of ice lollies to the office? Trust us, there’s nothing better than turning everyone into happy ice cream-loving kids again. Worried about dairy intolerance? Go for something super fruity and refreshing.

At the end of the day, the important thing to remember about gifting is that it works best when you’re reaching out person-to-person. 

This isn’t about business to business but showing how you as a gift-giver have considered the needs of the person you’re reaching out to and how you can make their day a little bit brighter. Get in contact with us to learn more about how you can beat the heat this summer and fuel your pipeline!

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Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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