Top Sends By Region & The Campaigns To Add Them To!

Knowing what to send to a prospect or your clients can be tricky. It’s why taking inspiration from what brands have done (and succeeded with) can be invaluable.

So we thought we’d do some research and looked at the sends our clients made across the US and UK in Q1 2021 to see what was the most popular, as well as speaking with them to find out what campaigns worked best. Keep on reading to find out!


Click To Accept Cookies! (US)

When you say “cookies” and “digital” together you think less about chocolate chips and more about code following you around the internet. The baked kind are a perfect way for many of our clients to introduce themselves to their ideal clients! With more BDRs than ever going after the same pool of prospects, standing out is vital and also tricky. Our client’s SDR teams have been sending personalized boxes of cookies along with a handwritten note introducing themselves and booking meetings.

Cut Through The Noise With Cake! (UK)

Something that has been a surefire hit is sending personalized cupcakes from our marketplace vendors. Getting in front of your ideal prospect has never been tougher, with more people working remotely, getting prospects on the phone has been tough and nearly everyone receives way more emails than they know what to do with.

Despite the challenges of 2020 and 2021, our client’s SDR teams have not been deterred! Utilizing the power of direct mail and eGifting has seen a 20% increase in meetings booked per SDR. Who said you couldn’t have your cake and eat it too?

Sales/AE Teams

A Cup of Joe to Make Them Show (US)

If you’re in sales, this scenario is all too familiar; you have a seamless handover from your BDR for a prospect that absolutely loves your solution. You book the demo in. On the day, you’re fired up and ready to roll but then… no show. To overcome this, sales teams in the US have been sending prospects a Starbucks eGift  with the messaging:

prior to demos to help increase show rates.

Finally, The Good Kind of ‘Lunch n Learn’ (UK)

eGifting is the most popular channel to get prospects showing up to meetings and clearly lunch times are a great time to demo your solution as sales teams are sending their prospects a JustEat eGift so that they can treat themselves to lunch as they have their demo call. 

eGifting in this way has seen a 15% increase in show rates to demo calls. What is even more impressive is the huge 212% increase in response rates for those prospects that have gone cold when using eGifting.

The Sales Development Playbook:
How to break through to Target Accounts using Direct Mail & Gifting

Customer Success

Cheers to Another Year (US)

Champagne and celebrating a landmark simply go together. It’s no surprise to see customer success teams send their clients personalized bottles of champagne to their clients in order to sweeten a renewal or celebrate one that has just been signed off!

Lovely Bubbly (UK)

It seems that personalized champagne for clients is a go-to for customer success teams either side of the pond. UK teams have also been making their clients feel extra special with a bottle of the good stuff.

Using direct mail to seal the deal or celebrate with clients has led to a 28% increase in digital engagement of clients with the brands they are working with. High engagement from clients tends to lead to higher renewal rates and higher adoption. Profitwell states: “fully engaged customers represent a 23% premium in terms of wallet share, profitability, and revenue as well as relationship growth over average customers.”- Source

Marketing Teams

Food, Glorious Food (US)

The biggest challenge for marketing teams over the last few years has been swapping out in person events for virtual ones. With everyone suffering from the dreaded virtual fatigue, marketing teams in the US have been utilizing UberEats eGifts prior to a virtual event and encouraging show rates.

A Virtual Event? Sweet! (UK)

The people of the UK clearly have a sweet-tooth as a direct mail send of brownies and a handwritten note reminding sign ups of their upcoming virtual event has proven to be very popular.

Whether it is eGifting or direct mail sends, our clients saw a whopping 42% increase in virtual event show rates. Going that extra step to show your attendees that they are more than just a number means that people are not only more likely to attend but also helps you stand out from the crowd.

There it is! The top sends per team and per region along with the campaigns that they were used in. We’ve been so proud to help our clients get the return we’ve seen here and we’d love to help you in the same way… to find out how, drop us a line at 

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Alex Olley
Co-Founder, Chief Commercial Officer

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