Building out a tech stack that looks incredible on paper is all very well, but how can we truly capitalise on the opportunity it presents?

We've noticed some great initiatives that our clients have been running when plugging Reachdesk into their Marketo platform, with really promising results to boot.

I've put together three popular use cases to get you off the ground today and make the Marketo-Reachdesk duo work harder for you.

The first and probably most important thing to note is that you can utilise ANY Marketo trigger to execute a Reachdesk campaign... Instant power, in your hands! So to recap, that includes any of these:

Any data value change, any form fill, any list addition, you name it...We can trigger a hyper-personalised Reachdesk campaign from Marketo, to your database. Whether it be a handwritten note, a personalised bundle, or one of hundreds of gift cards.

Could this be the dawn of a new age?! Automated Hyper-Personalisation (you heard it here first). It’s a juxtaposition, I know. But combining Reachdesk and Marketo enables you to do just that… Hyper-personalise at scale.

Here’s how our clients have been increasing conversions and getting in front of their prospects, and nurturing them down the funnel:

1. Timely event follow ups that stand out from the crowd

  • Be relevant, be helpful, stand out: send event attendees that you’ve recently met a personalised, memorable follow up which is sure to stand out from your competitors.
  • Save time: cut out the need for manual intervention with Marketo triggers on Reachdesk status changes.
2. Insert Reachdesk into ABM initiatives

  • Stay personal and save time: Hyper-personalise on mass using Marketo triggers to initiate Reachdesk campaigns exclusive to people in your Named Accounts.
  • Move target accounts down the funnel: Encourage desired actions from your target accounts with timely triggered Reachdesk campaigns which cut through the noise
3. Valuable content download – automated, personalised follow ups

Give before you ask: send an incentive to encourage next steps and build positive relationships.

Utilise automation: listen to Reachdesk campaign reactions in Marketo to respond in the best way.

If you’re using Reachdesk and Marketo to do some clever stuff and getting results, we’d love to hear from you! Let us know...

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