Q1 gave us a really exciting amount of new changes to the platform and our team have been hard at work to make sure Q2 carries the baton! Refresh your memory and read our Q1 product updates here.

🌳 Plant a Tree With an eGift 🌲

At Reachdesk, we’re very passionate about sustainability and looking after the earth, in fact our vision is that “every business is loved by their customers, employees, and the planet". We are always looking into ways to offset our carbon footprint and where possible always strive to use the most sustainable products and packaging for our sends.

With this in mind, we are very pleased to share that we are working with Rewards Earth to enable you to give the gift of planting trees to save our planet through egifting! This is a great initiative for those who cannot accept other types of gifts and a step towards us all doing our part to save the planet 🌎

New Font Styles for Your Handwritten Notes for that Extra Human Touch

Reachdesk users can now pick from up to 9 different font styles for handwritten notes. In addition to Chopin Script, Reman and Sunday Holiday 6 new options have been added, giving you the ability to better match the style of your note with the message you’re looking to deliver:

On/Off Switch for Users

Admins can now easily activate or deactivate users with a few clicks giving you control as and when you need it!

Address Confirmations - Go Hyperpersonalized!

We’re thrilled to announce that Reachdesk admins can now personalize both address confirmation emails and address confirmation landing pages. With this update you can now customize everything from the form fields, to the images used and add your own calls to action per campaign. You can also send yourself a test email, incorporate emojis and tailor the messaging to fit your campaign perfectly!

This update gives you more control over your messaging per campaign and ensures that you are firmly in control of what your recipient reads. If you’re sending a box of brownies, you can now say “Claim Your Brownies Here” in the call to action as an example.

Align your sends with your own branding, your copy guidelines and provide your recipients with consistency across the whole campaign - it's all about enabling a personalized approach to enable the best experience!

Ahoy! Ship Notices Become Faster & More Accurate

New guidelines have been added to the Ship Notice Page to make ship notices not only faster to generate but also help reduce errors and shipping delays.

This allows you to have another level of accuracy when reporting back on potential delays, giving you more reassurance that your shipments to our warehouses have the correct Ship Notices..

Stay in Budget with eGifts

When setting your minimum and maximum limits on eGifts in a campaign, you will now have an eGift Review Page, which will tell you which eGifts can and can’t be included in the campaign.

Avoid the embarrassment of having your recipient not be able to claim their eGift if your budget doesn’t fit into the minimum spend for specific eGift providers. It also allows you to go back and make edits to the budgets to incorporate a brand that you wish.

Monthly Budget Defaults… Now Default

Teams with the “Monthly Budget Reset” enabled will now see their team’s budget’s set back to the monthly default, even if a team member has leftover budget’s from the previous month. That extra will go back into the company balance.

You can rest assured that all team members are on an equal playing field each month and also track overall spending month by month with a lot more accuracy.

Over 3,000 Integrations in a Zap!

We’re also super excited to announce that our integration with Zapier has gone live and is ready to use! Zapier allows you to build workflows (called Zaps) based on a trigger-and-action. Send bundles once a prospect completes a SurveyMonkey survey or automatically send an eGift once a ChiliPiper invite is accepted. Giving you the power to integrate Reachdesk with other apps in your tech stack without the need of heavy coding, welcome to seamless integrations that are set up easily. Read more about this exciting development here

Push Reachdesk Campaign cost to Salesforce 

For maximised efficiency, reporting and ROI you can now automatically push your direct mail and egift spend by campaign into Salesforce campaign costs specifically. We are always developing our integrations and related features with your success in mind!

That’s all for Q2! We hope that these updates make it so much easier for you as Reachdesk users. To speak with us on how these can help you specifically or even if you’d like to suggest improvements (we love feedback from our users) contact your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line: hello@reachdesk.com

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