What’s new in Reachdesk in Q4 2021? 

Q4 is always a busy time and we have definitely been busy making the Reachdesk platform better and greater for all our customers. We’re going out with a bang at the end of 2021 with some of the most exciting Reachdesk product launches and releases of late. Here’s the lowdown of what’s new in Reachdesk Q4 2021. 

Remove the gifting guesswork with Reachdesk Insights powered by Reachdesk IQ 

They say to leave the best for last but we’re way too excited about this one. We’ve been testing something really exciting with a select bunch of Reachdesk customers for the past few months and we can finally unveil it to the world. Reachdesk Insights is here to answer all the unanswered questions you have about your gifting strategy. How much should I spend? What should I send? And most importantly what results is my gifting generating? Reachdesk Insights gives you actionable data on your strategy so that gifting is no longer a guessing game. Reachdesk Insights allows you to: 

  • Benchmark your performance - compare your gifting performance to data from hundreds of Reachdesk users and set meaningful goals for your gifting 
  • Perfect your approach to gifting - monitor your team’s activity and spend and learn from your top gifters 
  • Measure ROI and optimize your gifting budget - connect your Salesforce opportunities to Reachdesk to see how many opportunities your gifting campaigns influence and how much revenue they generate by team, campaign, and individual sender. 

Find out more about Reachdesk Insights 

Browse All Reachdesk Marketplace Items & Updates in One Happy Place 

Do you know what we do at Reachdesk when we feel down? We head to our new Marketplace Updates page and browse all the beautiful, delicious gifts we can brighten someone’s day with. This page is quickly becoming our happy place and we have a feeling it might become yours too. Head to the new Marketplace Updates for all the latest additions to the Reachdesk Marketplace searchable by country. You can even subscribe to an RSS feed so that you’re always the first one to find out when something new becomes available. If scrolling through endless amazing gift options doesn’t feel like Christmas we don’t know what does. 

Gift Rewards Earth cards in 3 currencies 

We’re firm believers in giving back to our planet and we know a lot of our customers are too. You can now send Rewards Earth cards in 3 currencies using Reachdesk to plant 1,000s of trees every month around the world! You can now gift Rewards Earth cards in USD, AUD, and GBP. So far Reachdesk customers have raised over £5,000 for this great initiative.  Browse all the amazing Rewards Earth projects and get gifting. 

See Items as “Out of Stock” 

There is nothing worse than getting excited about a great gift or campaign only to find out that the items you have selected for it are not available. You can now rest assured that what you see in Reachdesk Marketplace is available and any items that are not available will show as Out of Stock.

Replace or change marketplace products in an existing campaign

OK, so I know we just said there’s nothing worse than seeing that items are out of stock when you’re creating a send, but then we remembered this: the dreaded moment when something goes out of stock halfway through your campaign. 😱

It used to be that when this happened you’d have to create a new campaign from scratch, losing all your setup details in the process. To fix this, we’ve made it so you can now switch out a product within an existing campaign while maintaining the original campaign ID.

This means fewer hold-ups on your campaigns and much less effort if an item does change or go out of stock. Plus, you are now free to make tweaks and try new items on the fly without having to start all over again.

Quickly and easily filter Marketplace items by price 

It doesn’t sound like much but this new feature can work wonders for optimizing your gifting spend. You can now easily filter all Reachdesk gifts by price and set a price range for your gifts to quickly make the best choice for your budget. 

Dynamic Link 

This next one is something a lot of you have asked for. You can now generate a single gift link that serves multiple recipients. This can then be pasted into your favorite marketing automation tool allowing you to send gifts to large numbers of people with minimum effort - all using your own branded templates and domains.

New Pardot Integration 

And because our new dynamic link feature is so amazing, we built a brand new integration so Pardot users don’t miss out. The Reachdesk Pardot integration is super quick to set up, meaning you can be up and running with just a few clicks. Start building gifting into your outreach processes and nurture campaigns at scale with Reachdesk and Pardot. 

Bulk send on behalf of others

Interested in greater customization with less effort? You can now send gifts on behalf of multiple other users all in one campaign. Simply add the email addresses of your desired senders in the new Sender Email column of the CSV template, upload, and let Reachdesk do the rest.

New in the Reachdesk Marketplace 

🍪 Brownsalt Bakery - India.           

A Mumbai-based artisan bakery that takes traditional healthy ingredients and gives them a modern, tasty edge. 

🍫 La Maison du Chocolat - France

Looking for gift ideas especially for the holiday season? Look no further: a selection of sumptuous gift boxes, iconic Coffrets Maison, and exceptional artistic pieces.

🎁 Hello Joy - Malaysia

Hello Joy figured out a way to help people spread joy: by sending and receiving their selection of gift boxes!

🌰 KERN Energie - Germany

Almost 100 different nuts, seeds, and fruits are freshly prepared at KERNenergie. Everything is done to preserve the natural variety of flavor.

That’s all for Q4! We hope that these updates help you stay up to date with what you have available as Reachdesk users. To speak with us on how these can help you specifically or even if you’d like to suggest improvements (we love feedback from our users) contact your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line: hello@reachdesk.com

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