I can think of so many situations in previous roles where I’ve executed campaigns, and I just know they’ve gone well; whether this is through feedback from sales colleagues, focusing on vanity metrics like email CTRs and web visits, or in the even earlier days, gut feel…Madness, eh?!

But ‘just knowing’ and vanity metrics really aren’t going to cut it when your Sales or Marketing Director asks what campaigns and channels have truly been successful. We need to get down to the nitty gritty... Did we make our money back? What made us the most money... Generated the most meetings...Converted the most prospects? And so, what should we do more of?

Of course, being able to measure relies on having a solid Martech stack in place, and just as important is knowing the questions you want to answer.

Let's talk specifically about Direct Mail and Gifting

Typically in the past, direct mail has been notoriously hard to measure a return on, with teams using time consuming manual tactics, often with no real time data to call upon. I’m going to focus on how we can measure the impact of direct mail and gifting specific to Reachdesk’s platform, but you’ll hopefully be able to see how the same concept can be applied to almost any campaign or channel you want to measure. I’ll cover aspects of measurement in Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft and Marketo.

What do we want to measure?

So let’s start at the top. You'll probably want to answer questions like:

Which campaigns and channels have driven the most meetings for sales this month?

Which campaigns and channels have influenced the most open and closed opportunities?

Which campaigns and channels converted the most leads to contacts?

Real time data we've not seen before

Let's touch on some high-level, but super useful metrics which will feed into your overall reporting.

Reachdesk records when an egift card has been opened, clicked and claimed, and when a direct mail gift has been sent and delivered. As we can sync this detail with your CRM/Marketing platform, you can then attribute those interactions to meetings, tasks or opportunities created.  

Here's a little preview of how this looks in each platform...


Real-time information synced to a person’s activity from Reachdesk as and when it happens. Here you can see that the person has opened, clicked and claimed a voucher for a ‘Pre Demo’ Coffee.


Real-time information synced to a prospect’s activity from Reachdesk as and when it happens. Here you can see that Ariana has opened, click and claimed a voucher for a ‘Lunch on me’ Reachdesk campaign.


Real-time information will allow program statuses to be changed, upon a change happening within a Reachdesk DM or egift card send:


Real-time information synced to a lead or contact’s activity from Reachdesk. Here you can see that Ed has opened, click and claimed a voucher for a ‘Pre-Demo’ Coffee.

Measuring the impact

Now we can get (online) sight of interactions with direct mail and gifting campaigns, you should take those metrics a step further by generating reports based on those activities, or connecting to a tool which will enable you to do so.

It's hard to capture a 'one size fits all' example here, because how you report will likely differ to the way that the next person does. But if you take Salesforce for example, you can use activity, campaign ROI analysis, opportunity and campaign reports to name a few, to attribute your DM and egift card influence and wins to campaigns and opportunities. If you include the cost of your campaign, you'll see exactly how much those campaigns are returning to you in monetary figures.

In most cases, more in depth reporting is done where your opportunities are created, so more often that not, out of Salesforce. SalesLoft, Outreach and Marketo all have an integration with Salesforce, so you can report straight out of there.

The end goal is ending up with a sexy dashboard, like this, with meaningful, useful information (source: Salesforce):

We've written a help document on measuring the ROI of your Reachdesk campaigns in Salesforce here, if you'd like to dig a little deeper. For more custom/specific set ups, do get in touch with us - we'd love to hear how you're measuring your DM and gifting efforts!

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