Something we are always committed to doing is creating a better tool for you, our customer. Whether it’s incorporating new features, or opening a new warehouse in the EU to help you easily make sends across Europe. With our dedicated development team working tirelessly to improve Reachdesk, we wanted to share with you some of our Q1 product updates!

Sending Gifts


  • Send a RewardPass (Virtual Mastercard) as an eGift

Open the door and allow your recipient to treat themselves to a gift from any retailer online accepting Mastercard. Sometimes an Amazon eGift doesn’t quite have the right option for your recipient or you want to open up the options and that’s exactly what a RewardPass does, find out more about Mastercard here

  • Improved Campaign Filtering

You can now filter through your existing campaigns by “Campaign Types” as well as by team. View and filter all your Bundles, Gift Cards, Handwritten Notes or Marketplace campaigns that are set up and ready to go or not yet live - you can now save time from scrolling through everything you’ve set up!


  • Option to Send a Physical Gift via a URL

    Want to incorporate sending a physical gift into a URL? Well, now you can! You’re able to have the URL be part of any correspondence be it an existing email chain, a LinkedIn InMail or even a WhatsApp message, ensuring that you are able to reach your customers through the most convenient channel for them!
  • Support Email Sends from Customer’s Domains

    Use your own domain for sending gifts from the platform. Keeping your branding consistent is so important, plus you want to get the credit for sending the gift ;)

  • Easier To Use Mail Merge Variables and Added Emojis

    Add your own flair to emails and directly within the editor thanks to our updates to mail merge variables and emojis (when uploading, lets add some emojis in :) )

Integrations & Analytics


  • Cost and Send Updates in HubSpot

    Campaign cost and details all available in HubSpot! Run reports and dashboards to help you report back the success and ROI of your direct mail and eGifting efforts back in HubSpot’s powerful CRM, to enable a full view of performance and your investments.

  • SalesLoft Integration

    Our SalesLoft integration allows us to handle instances with large numbers of contacts, saving you the effort and time in multiple uploads.


  • Expired Sends in “Sends” Tab

    Quickly see which sends have expired on the “Sends” tab allowing you to spot any trends or be able to get a quick insight into sending/caiming habits for customer and campaign learning and insights.

  • Cost Per Send on “Sends” Tab

    Quickly see Cost Per Send on the “Sends” tab, so that you can understand and manage how budgets are being used and optimize into the future based on performance.

Budgeting & Administration


  • Notifications for Deactivated User Balance Being Returned

    Notifications are now set to fire out when a deactivated user’s balance is returned to your company balance which will mean you can track and report easily on budgets.

User Management:

  • Team Deactivation

    You now have the ability to deactivate whole teams instead of having to do so individually - a huge time saver when internal changes take place.

  • User Set Up & Balances Pages

    Dedicated User Set Up and User Balance pages giving you more individualized control and preventing access and balances going to the wrong person.

  • Data Access & Exporting Restrictions

    Restrict access to export contacts and sends data to admin which adds another layer of data protection and puts you firmly in control of how data is shared.

That’s all for Q1! We hope that these updates make it so much easier for you as Reachdesk users. To speak with us on how these can help you specifically or even if you’d like to suggest improvements (we love feedback from our users) contact your Customer Success Manager or drop us a line:

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