What our customers say

Shabri L
Senior Marketing Manager, ABM

Reachdesk has been invaluable , saving me time and helping my brand stand out. The integration with my CRM has made it straight forward to target customers and track my campaigns both in the UK and US whilst still giving a personal touch. Read More

Andy C

An easy to use UI, that allows not only marketers, but also sales people to set up and send their own direct mail to their prospects. Read More

Madison H
Marketing Coordinator

Reachdesk has been the greatest thing to happen to our marketing department. We love that we don't have to do the handwritten notes ourselves or pack the boxes or do the dreadful xl spreadsheets of where to send what. It is all done for us and it WORKS. Read More

Charlie O
Business Development Executive

I have been working with Reachdesk for over a year now. Being an advocate for Direct Mail I always loved the idea of sending something physical to a prospect. Read More

Rachelle T
Senior Marketing Manager

To start with, the platform UI is very intuitive and easy to use. From an administrative perspective, it's really easy to go in and set up different users, assign users to teams, create campaigns, and set up the backend. Read More

Mafalda B
Senior Lead Generation Exec

Reachdesk platform is absolutely user friendly (only takes a few minutes to actually understand how it works) and makes your job so much easier, as automates all the steps that would usually take a long time. Read More

"High Performer" & #1 for customer satisfaction

Thanks to our awesome customers, Reachdesk is now ranked #1 for satisfaction across a number of categories in this fall’s G2 reports!

  • Direct Mail Automation
  • Account-Based Execution
  • Account-Based Direct Mail
Read more

Take control of your direct mail and gifting

Create a physical impression and break through the digital sound barrier using personalized direct mail and gifting from one single platform


Choose from 100s of international eGift cards. Stand out from the crowd and delight email inboxes

Warehouse & Fulfillment

Store items in your dedicated section of our global network of warehouses.

Gifting Marketplace

Send and track gifts via our marketplace of verified local providers

Handwritten Notes

Add a human touch to sales and marketing by sending handwritten notes with personalized messaging

Team Budgeting

Manage teams and budgeting easily allowing you to scale direct mail and gifting easily

Address Confirmation

Reach anyone regardless of where they are working using our address confirmation system

Personalized Sourcing

Make the most of our sourcing and project management services to lighten the load and create custom campaigns

Global Reach

Send anything to anyone anywhere in the world. Leverage our full offering across North America, EMEA and APAC


Bridge the gap between the physical world of sales and marketing using a platform built for modern sales, marketing and customer success teams.

Connect your entire tech stack in 1 click and send campaigns directly through your CRM, marketing automation software and seamlessly integrate gifting and direct mail into existing sequences and workflows.


Military grade encryption.


Connect to your existing tech stack in 1 click


Remove the manual load of direct mail and gifting by automating the entire process in one platform.

Set pre-defined audiences and trigger sends based on real-time data and business logic as part of a multi-channel campaign.


Get sending in minutes, not weeks

Clear Visibility

Track inventory and delivery in one place


Real-time visibility and ROI analysis of eGifts and offline campaigns. Measure what matters and optimize campaigns across the entire organization, no matter where you're working.

Increase response rates by up to 6x
Save +20 hours per campaign
Book 2 more meetings per SDR per month

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work best with just marketing or marketing & sales?

Both ways work very well. Our customers are having great success using the Reachdesk platform with a wide range of teams, please reach out to learn more.

How can we track the items we send?

All sends have tracking, meaning you can see delivery statuses in real time inside the Reachdesk platform and your CRM. You also get real time notifications.

Do we have to source our own items and then send them to you?

Totally up to you. We do provide a fully managed service where we source the items for you, please book a demo with us today to find out more.

Do you work globally?

Yes. Reachdesk is currently available in North America, EMEA and APAC. We offer eGift cards, localized gifting and warehouse access across the globe so you can scale your direct mail and gifting campaigns internationally from within one single platform.

Who do you work with currently? 

We work with a large range of business, some logos can be found on our request a demo page.

How do I send to people working at home?

We have a feature which allows you to capture and verify home addresses, please click here to learn more.

How much is it?

We have packages to suit all businesses. Request a demo with us and our team will reach out with a bespoke quote for you and your team.

How can I find out more?

Please request a demo and our team will reach out asap.

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