Pipeline Generation Gone on Holiday? ‍

One of the worst feelings in the world is when the summer out of office emails start filling your inbox. It’s a sign of prospects checking out for the summer.

Here are 3 plays to help deliver a better buying experience this summer and continue moving your pipeline forwards. TO THE BEACH!!

1. The Out Of Office Original for SDR’s 

Receiving dozens of out of office emails from prospects saying they’re on vacation can be a real beach when you’re trying to hit your target. Here’s how you can mix the perfect OOO Original message to seas every opportunity:

-Log your prospect’s return date in your Sales Engagement or CRM platform

-Send a personalized video via VidYard welcoming them back on the day they return

-Follow up with a post holiday blues eGift so they can order themselves lunch

-Re-engage via phone and email to schedule the appointment

-Book the meeting and enjoy!

2. The Staycation Special for Marketers

Few are venturing abroad this summer. To break through to prospects and keep your company top of mind on holiday, send key decision makers packing with something for the summer to keep them engaged and entertained. Here’s the recipe for the Staycation Special:

-Target key decision makers using targeted Ads, Email marketing and Webinars

-Offer them the perfect summer gift to take with them

-Create a custom landing page with a meeting booking link and address confirmation fields to send to prospects at home and   send via marketing your channels

-Automate the gift send once the meeting is booked

-Send a post holiday blues eGift card before the meeting 

-Savour the taste of success

3. The Automatic Appetiser for Sales

Being added to someone’s OOO email signature only means more work and not much in return. Whilst colleagues on a beach you’re are left to answer their emails. Turn this into an opportunity to make someone's day and send them an email that is sure to be remembered. 

-Add the new contact to your CRM making a note that they have been left in charge whilst your contact is away

-Make an introduction with the subject line via xx 

-Attach an egift card to pick up a summer beverage with the message “we can’t let xx have all the fun!” 

-Offer some time and lunch on you to explore further how you can help them specifically

-Schedule the meeting 

There’s so much you can do to keep top of mind and keep that pipeline shining brighter than the summer sun. Find out how you can do it in a remote working environment and while prospects are returning back to the office by booking in a time with us here

Ben Smith
BDR Team Lead

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