Using Landing Pages to Reach Customers in Their Homes

Working from home and struggling to engage with people?  Had great plans for a direct mail campaign but now no one is at their office? Maybe you are just looking to support and brighten someone’s day but can’t get through?

Well, Reachdesk has the solution for you! The Direct Mail and gifting channel is very much still up and running, our warehouses are open and our live marketplace suppliers are waiting in the wings for your orders!

Engage with customers with their consent

Now, you may be wondering, “how can I send someone a physical gift if I don’t know where they are?”. With offices closed everywhere, all office address data is temporarily useless, but people are still working, and they still love gifts! In order to send to someone, we need to get their home address information. At Reachdesk, we have created landing pages, which can be built bespoke to your needs and campaigns, that offers people the chance to opt-in and enter their current location address that won’t be stored in CRM systems. Not only that, our landing pages both show what gift they would receive, as well as the option to choose from a range of gifts! Allowing them to have control over what their address data is being used for. Who can resist a box of freshly baked brownies at a time like this?!

How does it work?

So, how does it work? Quite simple actually! Landing pages can be created and designed to your campaign’s needs. They include all the necessary fields needed for a shipping address, images of what will be sent and can even redirect the page to a URL of your choice once the form has been submitted. Once someone has completed the form, the order is then placed with the address data provided through the Reachdesk platform for fulfilment. A few days later, voila! the gift arrives at their door!

You’ll probably ask anyway!

“I don’t have any items in stock, can I still use a landing page?”

Yes! If you do not currently have anything in stock, not to worry, we have 2 options here. Either, start ordering items into the warehouse which we can build into bundles to go on the landing page, or take advantage of our marketplace. Through a Marketplace Landing page, we can list a selection of your choosing of gifts that are currently available for order via our marketplace. Whenever someone submits the form, the order will go straight through to our suppliers! Not only will you get to send out some amazing things, you also will be helping to support local business during this tough time!

“I have never done a landing page before, can Reachdesk help?”

Of course! We understand that this is a new idea for people, and we are here to help. Any questions and guidance needed to set this up we are just a call away! Our Project Management and Professional Services Team can build the Landing Pages for you using our own technology and custom URLs

“Can I set up my own landing page independently?”

Yes, most definitely. If you already know how to execute a landing page, and know what you want on there, we can just be here for support! You can pull your leads daily and enter in the bulk upload form into Reachdesk and you have carried it all out yourself! You might even want to link Reachdesk to your Marketing Automation Platform and trigger sends in real-time

“I am concerned that people will not want to give out their home data.”

Not to worry, this is something we have thought about, which is why the landing pages are opt-in. You are not requiring anyone to fill these out. Also, the data is used for that send only and never again. But most importantly, this isn’t just an address gathering form, you are showing them what they will actually be receiving, you are not tricking them into receiving loads of nameless marketing collateral. You are offering them a personal gift of high quality and if you are giving them multiple options, they are getting to make a choice on what they will receive! What’s more, each send comes with a personalised note.

“Okay, I’m in! What do I need to do to set this up and get it out?”

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Jamie Head
Project Manager

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