Give Prospects The Ideal First Impression

Just got off a call with an ideal prospect? Make the best impression and let Calendly, ChiliPiper or Google Calendar trigger Reachdesk sending over an eGift for lunch or a sweet treat the moment they accept the invitation.

Increase reply rates, build pipeline, accelerate deals and drive loyalty, regardless of where you're working.

Supercharge Your Marketing

Increase webinar attendance by sending an eGift reminder for your GoToMeeting webinar!
Trigger a send for registrants to receive a coffee eGift before the webinar or for them to receive a swag bundle upon viewing!

Run that program on autopilot by e.g. firing a webbook from your marketing automation system.

Show Your Employees How Much You Value Them

Every newbie deserves a warm welcome - give them a seamless onboarding experience and allow a Zap to fire out a new starter bundle the moment they go from candidate to employee in Workable. Celebrate birthdays and automate sending a bottle of bubbly or some cupcakes to your team through Zenegy.

Show Some Love to Your Customers

Celebrate that renewal with your clients by sending a special thanks when their DocuSign renewal contract is complete! Send your client some brownies once a project on Trello is completed to thank them for their continued investment.

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