Business Development

Get your key accounts talking to you: create moments that matter.

Less ghosting, higher response rates: become a trusted advisor.

No need to leave your favorite platform: send personalized gifts with the click of a button from your favorite CRM.


Focus on influencing, accelerating & driving pipeline - see all activities & the ROI of all your campaigns & sends.

Engage prospects at Target Accounts with creative, branded gifts.

Align & enable the selling organization across all stages of your ABM funnel

See real-life examples from our clients

Show me how others use it!


Build rapport with the decision making unit at your key accounts, at scale.

Accelerate deals and drive a higher closed-won rate.

Avoid getting ghosted by hard-to-come by personas: personalized gifts can make the difference you’ve been looking for

Customer Success

Celebrate renewals and extending the relationship with your clients and partners

Sweeten the deal and increase upsells

Thank champions and build positive sentiment with ease

Human Resources

Personalized, but also automated onboarding experiences

Create moments that matter - birthdays, anniversaries, key achievements help celebrate your employees.

Attract & convince the best talent to jump on interviews: show them you appreciating their time with an egfit card.

Integrate with over 3,000 tools and apps

Reachdesk’s Platform enables companies to deliver moments that matter at scale, globally, across the entire customer lifecycle, through direct mail and corporate gifting.

Platform overview